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Our clients have saved the stacks of marketing materials a 64-year-old receives before becoming eligible for Medicare. Most carriers send on average four direct mail pieces. If all carriers in your area advertise, you may have over 50 pieces of mail on your kitchen table. We have also heard about unsolicited phone calls and intrusive door-knocking sales tactics. This is not how we do business.

As independent health insurance brokers in Florida, we have specialized in Medicare products for over 13 years and are currently authorized to represent over 20 companies.

You will appreciate the time saved by not having to meet with multiple agents. Additionally, you will benefit by receiving an objective comparison of ALL your options.

We offer a unique service by comparing all of your options in one meeting. Our free consultation includes side by side comparisons using the tools on the website. We help you complete the required forms and enroll. There is no charge for our service; brokers are paid a standardized fee directly by the carriers.

If you think you may benefit from our service, give us a call-many choose to make their decision and enroll over the phone as opposed to a face to face meeting. Already enrolled? Count on us as trusted advisors to help you confirm your choice. We offer in-home meetings, phone consultations, webinars, and community workshops. We meet many of our clients at their favorite coffee shop. Coffee is on us, and we look forward to meeting you.

Competition = Lower Costs-Use an Independent Broker! 

Please don´t hesitate to call us with your questions no matter whether you are already a valued customer, a potential client or if you simply need expert advice. There will never be a charge for our assistance or for a friendly, no-obligation chat.


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